TAP CP Con logo FINALCatalano Mary 153x147As a licensed physical therapist certified in myofascial trigger point therapy, Mary Biancalana has been treating chronic pain since 1999.  A personal trainer and fitness instructor since 1986, she is also the author of Trigger Point Therapy for Low Back Pain: A Self-Treatment Workbook.

The National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Assocation president Jan Chambers promotes chronic pain self-management and says, "Self-management is what occurs between clinical visits."  Biancalana's key presentation at the Treating and Preventing Chronic Pain Conference discusses self-treatment methods and introduces management using self-analysis of sensation by area and description.

Biancalana will also discuss managing these sensations by using self-care techniques such as myofascial trigger point compression and importance of daily gentle, pain-free movement in chronic pain patients.  

Insights from her book, Trigger Point Therapy for Low Back Pain: A Self-Treatment Workbook:

“Although compression of taut bands of muscle is at the heart of treatment, an effective self-care program also includes warming up prior to treatment; sequences of stretching, contracting, and relaxing; and gentle range of motion exercises (pg. 20).”

“For trigger point compression to work, you need to press on the areas in a muscle where taut fibers and trigger points are located. If you have pain in your low back, it may seem that the low back is the area needing attention. But due to the phenomenon of referred pain, your low back is more likely to be caused by muscles in your abdomen, mid back, waist or thighs, or even your lower legs. So you can treat your lower back until the end of time, but if you aren’t treating the source of the pain, it will persist (pg. 21).”  

Her self-help manual teaches patients and health-care professionals effective strategies for relieving soreness and tension in muscles for lasting pain relief. The techniques are illustrated throughout the book. Biancalana said, “This manual will provide you with all the information you need to get started and end low back discomfort once and for all.”