"Exercise the Great Energizer" is an article written by Kim Bagato, a person with FM who shared her personal story about how exercise has helped change her life with fibromyalgia. The NFMCPA posted the link to the article on its Facebook Page, and we want to share some of the resulting inspirational comments left by our fans:

• Marlene – I attend warm water classes, it’s fantastic, really helps the pain and the warm water feels super.

• Laura – Yoga has saved me mentally!! But when I’m ina flare I’m too exhausted. Short walks are about all I can do these days.

• Peter - I’m starting Yoga next week. I know it will not be fun to start but hoping in the end it helps my flexibility and strengthens my core.

• Carla - Check out the Feldenkrais method of gentle movement education. I got the recommendation for Dr. Andrew Well website. Found a guild certified practitioner where I live and highly recommend it. Check it out. Known better on east and west coasts, but now coming into awareness in the rest of the country.

• Kate – I have been doing water exercise and yoga 4 times a week for the past 18 months. I still hurt by my body is so much stronger. I lost 45 lbs and eliminated 7 medications. I am 63.

• Dawn – I started walking every day and have noticed a difference. Started out with only a few minutes and then building-up gradually. Exercise really hurts but I’m pushing through it so I can benefit from the positive effects.

• Water exercise is covered under my insurance as long as it’s ordered by my doctor. It’s the only thing that I low impact enough for me. I go to a special Arthritis Foundation class.

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