We asked you to "Give Your Best Tips for Enjoying the Holidays" in our #GivingTuesday twitter chat on Dec. 1. Here are some of the #besttips from the NFMCPA and the tweeters who participated! Happy Holidays.

What do you do for fun during the holiday season?

  • Sing Christmas carols or other holiday songs and listen to beautiful music that fills your soul.
  • Watch commercial free reruns of Big Bang Theory with a heating pad and a bowl of popcorn.
  • This month, call people you haven’t talked with for a while, wish them happy holidays and get caught up
  • Have holiday hot cocoa with your family and reminisce on past holidays.
  • The holiday season is a great for spending time with family and friends.
  • One tweeter said recording her granddaughters' pre-school Christmas songs gets her out of the house
  • Another tweeter said their family has had "jammy" Christmas several times!.     

What helps you stay comfortable at holiday gatherings?

  • Scarves-and more scarves-are wonderful to avoid drafts and cold car heaters blowing on your neck.
  • FB follower Jypsi is careful not to overeat, her pain increases for long hours with too much food intake, even turkey
  • One of our Leaders Against Pain takes a pillow with her to avoid sitting on a hard seat
  • Another Leader Against Pain avoids the consumption of alcohol as it is a trigger for her pain
  • FB follower Susan suggests wearing comfy clothes to family get-togethers, and having everyone to join in and wear footie pjs
  • Take a warm shower or bath before leaving your home, and again when you return

What do you do to keep stress and pain at bay during the holiday season?

  • Cooking is always stressful at the holidays, so spread it out and keep things in the fridge.
  • Keep warm, keep calm, and when your body starts to hurt STOP! Get the heating pad out and read a good book.
  • By spreading out decorating and shopping, it can also preserve energy so you may enjoy the holidays without feeling exhausted.
  • After holiday shopping, rub your feet with lotion that has magnesium salts.
  • The NFMCPA suggests doing your holiday decorating and shopping over time instead of all at once. This helps prevent stress.
  • One tweeter said giving extra hugs brightens her spirits when she's overwhelmed by her environment.
  • Don't wrap all of your presents at one time. Pace yourself.
  • Limit the big activities and enjoy the quieter moments of the holidays.
  • Take it easy--make it simple. Focus on family and friends instead of the trimmings. Use a fake tree and make dinner a pot luck.
  • Use pockets of time to get smaller tasks done - fill out holiday cards while waiting for a doctor’s appointment.
  • If hosting the holiday, spread your my cleaning so it's not so stressful.
  • Use the NFMCPA Holiday Tips podcast to help you have a better holiday experience with fibromyalgia and chronic pain. http://bit.ly/nfmcpapodcast      

What do you do to ease the pain of holiday shopping with fibromyalgia and chronic pain?

  • Take snacks to eat while holiday shopping to keep your energy up.
  • Dress warmly and in layers so you don’t get too cold, and can remove clothing if you get too warm.
  • Take along a roller bag (even a small suitcase) so you don’t have to carry presents.
  • Make a gift list and divide it into several short trips to the mall instead of an all-day shopping spree.
  • Pace yourself and have a plan before going to the mall. Take frequent walking breaks, get a coffee, or sit on a bench for 5 min.
  • Avoiding crowds and long lines by shopping either early in the morning or middle of afternoon reduces stress.
  • Many chronic pain sufferers find relief in doing their holiday shopping online.
  • Wears gloves when its cold out to keep your hands pain-free and use an electric blanket in the winter
  • Wearing sunglasses helps when the flicker of blue fluorescent lights at the big box stores is too bright.

If you are unable to attend holiday gatherings, what do you do to celebrate?

  • Watch "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" to get you in the Christmas spirit
  • Read your favorite holiday story or find a new one that strikes your spirit.
  • Laughter is some good medicine! Fav sitcoms are good, too!
  • Host a cookie exchange and let guests bring the cookies and recipes to share. Furnish coffee, tea, eggnog; use paper plates and cups
  • Home for the holidays? Watch old movies - A Christmas Story, A Wonderful Life, Home Alone or look on Lifetime and Hallmark.
  • Reminisce with friends and family or look through old photo albums.
  • Laugh. Listen to podcasts of your favorite comedians.

If you are traveling this holiday season, what are your best traveling tips for the fibromyalgia and chronic pain community?

  • Sleep in a dark, quiet room for the best rest.
  • For help with sleep, bring your fav pillow, ear plugs and a night mask. You will be more comfortable, and it lessens noise and light.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes, dress in layers so you can stay warm and cool down when necessary.
  • Put your feet up on a chair or headboard for 20 minutes at the end of travel for a quick refresher.
  • Use a suitcase with wheels. It makes getting around a lot easier!

How can you give this holiday season to help support the fibromyalgia and chronic pain community?

  • Sharing good information and scientific reviews on social media helps fibromyalgia become visible.
  • Add comments on Facebook and blog posts that let others know they are not alone.
  • Write short notes to FM book authors and let them know we appreciate their leadership.
  • Save & share this photo on social media to help spread awareness about fibromayalgia and chronic pain!
  • Wondering what you can do? Check out some ideas here http://ow.ly/VlOZ2 Use #GivingTuesday to raise awareness