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Support Group Name: North Austin Fibromyalgia Support Group
Group Leader: Amy Shepherd
Group Leader's Email: Amy_shepherd@sbcglobal.net
Group Leader's Contact #: 512-293-1676
Place: The Lodge at Merrilltown Apartments
Street: 14745 Merrilltown
Zipcode or Postalcode: 78728
City: Austin
State, Province, or Territory: Texas
Meeting Time(s): Third Tuesday of the month 7pm
Additional Details (Fees, Purpose, Activities, etc.): Meet with local people who suffer from Fibromyalgia to discuss, share, laugh, and conquer the misconceptions regarding this disabling condition If you will join our group throug you will be able to receive meeting updates and emails from our online members. Coping with a chronic illness, such as FMS, can be a long and lonely journey. Finding support is essential to our physical as well as emotional health. Often, when we need help the most is when we find it most difficult to reach out to others, but this is exactly what we must do. It is the act of reaching out, to help one another, that will enable us to cope most effectively. The journey then becomes a little less frightening, long, and lonely. $2 per meeting. New Swimming time coming soon......  Round Rock YMCA swim group is trying to get started.... Having friends who know and understand what you are going through is essential for learning to Live and build a life with a chronic illness. Please get in contact with us. Suicide is the highest cause of death for someone struggling with fibromyalgia. We are here to help and listen. Learning to BUILD LIVES with a chronic illness.
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Located in: Texas
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