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Support Group Name: North Seattle Weekly Fibro Folk Coffee Clatch
Group Leader: Joanne Brayden
Group Leader's Email: joanne@braden.org
Group Leader's Contact #: 206-938-0361
Place: Atrium Bistro
Street: 11740 15th NE
Zipcode or Postalcode: 98125
City: Seattle
State, Province, or Territory: Washington
Meeting Time(s): Thursdays 11 am - 1 pm
Additional Details (Fees, Purpose, Activities, etc.): North Seattle Weekly Fibro Folk Coffee Clatch is an opportunity for people with Fibromyalgia and their friends and family to come together for fellowship, coffee, lunch, or just to visit. Membership cost/donations: Free. This coffee clatch/luncheon group has been meeting at the same location (Atrium Bistro, formerly Little Pastry Cafe) for over ten years for fellowship, information and laughter. Because individuals with fibromyalgia are often chemically sensitive, we ask that you not wear fragrances (perfume, cologne, etc.) to our events. Thank you.
I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions: Yes
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Located in: Washington
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