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Support Group Name: Mandarin Fibromites
Group Leader: Carla Bourg
Group Leader's Email: cbourg@comcast.net
Group Leader's Contact #: 904-886-7214
Street: 14578 Camerwell Lane
Zipcode or Postalcode: 32258
City: Jacksonville
State, Province, or Territory: Florida
Meeting Time(s): 2nd Tuesday of each month 10 am-12 pm
Additional Details (Fees, Purpose, Activities, etc.): Support Group Mailing Address: 14578 Camberwell Lane S, Jacksonville, FL 32258. We are a positive group that is trying to make everyone aware of FMS and find ways to make our lives better. We hold periodical meeting in the evenings also so that loved ones can get together and talk about their experiences living with a fibromite. Scrapbooking, jewelry making, cookie swaps, movies anything to get your mind off pain.

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Located in: Florida
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