What Really Works?

I read dozens of fibromyalgia focused internet forums. Fibro facebook pages, newsletters and magazines - I read it all. Overwhelmingly, the answer that fibro fighters seek most is What Really Works? What will make me better?

I can't tell you. Neither can anyone on any forum. Most likely, neither can your doctors and care providers. They can make suggestions and there is evidence to support literally hundreds of options as being effective for some. But nothing is guaranteed to work for everyone. This is the harsh reality of fibromyalgia.

Your symptoms - what you feel, how it changes, the frequency and severity of your pain, how your symptoms interact, what trigger's a flare-up and how you respond to different treatments - combined this will be unique to you. Understanding this reality is fundamental to accepting why self-management is so important. Self-management boils down to answering the question accurately. What really works - for me?

Are You a Blind Archer?

Imagine putting on a blindfold, being spun around until you’re totally disoriented and then being handed a bow and arrow and told to hit a target. Good luck! But think about it - if you’re randomly trying different treatments and not consistently measuring results, your approaching your fibromyalgia treatment like a blind archer. Do you really expect to hit the target?

This is why tracking is fundamental to effective self-management. Tracking means keeping accurate and consistent records for your fibromyalgia. Tracking symptoms, life events, causal factors and treatment actions defines your fibromyalgia. How it functions in your body. How it responds to different treatment options. Tracking shows you what the target looks like, removing the blindfold so you can take aim. Tracking lets you know whether or not your hitting the target and what corrections to your aim are needed!

Ask yourself - What symptoms have I experienced over the past several days? How about last week? Last month? Over the past 6 months? What have I done for treatment? How did I respond? What patterns can I identify? What functions as triggers? Which symptoms function in a causal role? Do you have real answers? Can you prove your answers, or have you been guessing?

Tracking yields data and data provides proof. Being able to prove results means you can focus on effective testing. This is how you get better! Research treatment options aimed at your defined symptoms and causal factors, test treatments, measure results and repeat all why relying on your data to prove your process effective. Stop guessing - prove what works for you! It all starts with consistent tracking efforts.

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