New Articles in the Next Edition of

Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain LIFE Magazine

Here is a glimpse of some of the informative, newsworthy articles you will find in the newest edition of the NFMCPA Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain LIFEMagazine:

  • Laboratory evaluations in fibromyalgia – some new considerations
     Wood, MD

In this informative article, Dr. Wood discusses lab work that should be considered for people with fibromyalgia to rule out deficiencies that might be helped by supplementation.  This thought provoking article expands current scientific knowledge to encompass a new concept of thinking by tying in cervical spinal cord compression and its influence on lab test outcomes.

Dr. Patrick Wood is currently the Medical Director of the Fibromyalgia Specialty Clinic at Madison River Oaks Medical Center in Canton, Mississippi.  His work in fibromyalgia began during his tenure as Assistant Professor of Family Medicine, Anesthesiology and Psychiatry at Louisiana State University Science Center in Shreveport, Louisiana, where he directed the Fibromyalgia Research Program and Fibromyalgia Care. 

  • FibroTrack – Terry Springer

    Terry is the husband of Michelle who has fibromyalgia.  He became frustrated as he watched her journey to find help for her condition and decided that a tracking tool to monitor her symptoms and the numerous treatment options she tried would be beneficial, not only for her, but millions of others who suffer with this illness.  This month after more than a year of creating this unique program, Terry will officially launch FiboTrack an online application specifically designed to assist fibromyalgia patients in tracking all aspects of how fibromyalgia impacts their life and how they approach treatment.

  • NFMCPA – Memorial Wall and Inspirational Honor Role

Learn how you can pay tribute to the memory of a loved one with fibromyalgia who has passed away and pay honor to the accomplishments of someone living with fibromyalgia by submitting their stories and pictures to the NFMCPA Memorial Wall or Inspirational Honor Role.  Besides offering recognition of these people, your tax deductible donation on their behalf will help assure that the Association’s good works will continue including development of advocacy programs, healthcare professional education, and resources for people affected by fibromyalgia.