Award Winning Webinar!

Improving the Patient Experience:
A Continuing Medical Education Program for Healthcare Professionals

paradigmHave you ever wanted to know what your doctor is currently taught about fibromyalgia?  Now you can.  The NFMCPA is pleased to announce a free continuing medical education (CME) opportunity for patients to learn along with their healthcare providers.  

In strong support of our community, Paradigm is offering access to this great innovative program to the NFMCPA membership so that people with fibromyalgia, their families and friends can also be educated about treatment, communication and self-management. This link can and should be shared with your healthcare professionals to encourage them to learn some of today's new approaches to fibromyalgia diagnosis, treatment and management. This video program is broken into 8 chapters varying in length from 11 to 16 minutes (1.75 hours) We hope you enjoy it and gain knowledge that will help you live better with this chronic, painful disorder.

To access the free continuing medical education program, or for additional information, click here to PARADIGM MEDICAL COMMUNICATIONS.

Paradigm Medical Education, an award winning continuing medical education company, asked Jan Chambers, President of the NFMCPA and Rae Marie Gleason, Medical Education & Research Director for the NFMCPA to participate in developing a new healthcare professional program for fibromyalgia. As part of the faculty, Jan was the patient-advocate presenter.  As the Scientific Director for the program, Rae created the intent of the program including the slides and program outline. 

Paradigm's vision was to have a highly regarded fibromyalgia researcher, Dr. Leslie Arnold; a family practice fibromyalgia expert, Dr. Bill McCarberg; a fibromyalgia patient, Annette Schwind; and a fibromyalgia national patient organization advocate, Jan Chambers, sit at a table and through dialogue present a comprehensive educational opportunity to teach HCP's how to best diagnose and treat fibromyalgia. Paradigm's goal was to offer a balanced program of research, physician and patient experience in order to improve communication and understanding about the perplexities and ramifications of fibromyalgia for each of these groups.

Congratulations to Paradigm Medical Communications!!  

"The National Association of Medical Education Companies (NAMEC—a professional member organization for companies like Paradigm) has chosen Paradigm to receive its 2013 Best Practice Award for Collaboration Among CME Stakeholders for the “Sharpening Fibromyalgia Diagnostic and Management Skills: Improving the Patient Experience” webinar. The award was presented at an evening reception held January 16, 2014, at the Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions (ACEhp) conference in Orlando, FL.   Annette Schwind (faculty member) was be on hand with several of her colleagues to accept the award on behalf of Paradigm and the collaborators."