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Health coach Tami Stackelhouse co-founded the Fibromyalgia-ME/CFS Support Center after learning how to manage her FM.

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Wednesday, February 18th

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Important New National Survey
Hydrocodone Rescheduling:  The First 100 Days
If you are someone with fibromyalgia and/or chronic pain who has taken prescription hydrocodone medications (Vicodin®, Lortab®, Lortab ASA®, Hycomine®, and Vicoprofen®) to alleviate your suffering, please consider taking part in this very important survey. Your voice matters. Along with several other patient advocate organizations, the National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association (NFMCPA) is interested in how new government opioid medication regulations are affecting people with chronic pain. Deterring illegal and illicit use of prescription drugs is an important and mandatory campaign led by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to help stop criminal drug abuse and illegal drug prescriptions from infiltrating into mainstream American society. 
Take survey...

If you would like to receive notice of future surveys, an email alert can be sent to you.  You will then have the option of participating or not.  No identifying information is collected in the survey so that participation is anonymous.  These surveys are part of an initiative to fill evidence voids about access to care issues that are caused by uninformed policies. 
Please click here to register your email address for an email alert about future surveys.  
Is Sleep Apnea Related to  Fibromyalgia?
You might want to put some new thought  into changing old sleep habits. Results of an important study by Dr. Victor Rosenfeld showing sleep irregularities and disruptions in most of the people with FM were published last year in the Journal of Clinical Neurophysiology. He found that 45% of the fibromyalgia group had obstructive sleep apnea...   Read more... 

Glia - What Does It Do in the Brain?
Section 1, Part 3
What are astrocytes?  How do they function in the brain?  This is the third part of a series of glia articles published in the NFMCPA Advocate Voice Newsletter. To read Parts 1 & 2, please click here.

Astrocytes remove excess glutamate, which the major excitatory neurotransmitter in the human brain and other vertebrates. When released in excess or for a long-time, glutamate acts as a powerful neurotoxin that triggers neuronal cell death in many acute and chronic brain lesions.   Read more...

Disrupted Brain Circuitry for Pain-Related Reward/Punishment in Fibromyalgia


While patients with fibromyalgia are known to exhibit hyperalgesia (increased sensitivity to pain), the central mechanisms contributing to this altered pain processing are not fully understood. This study investigates potential dysregulation of the neural circuitry underlying cognitive and hedonic (pleasurable) aspects of the subjective experience of pain, such as anticipation of pain and anticipation of pain relief.  Read more...

It's Not Too Early to Start Planning for a
2015 May 12 Fibromyalgia Awareness Day Event
Celebrate - what you have overcome and the simple successes you have each day
Remember - those lost to the disease and honor people who have fought or are fighting fibromyalgia and chronic pain
Fight Back - inspire people from all over to take action against a disease that has taken so much
Learn more. . .

Pain Care Provider Day March 20 

With appreciation for the thousands of caring pain care providers who protect the dignity of the provider-patient relationship and work together with their patients to achieve health goals, the NFMCPA is a proud partner of Pain Care Providers Day March 20th.   Write a note, ask for a proclamation, or  somehow let your doctor know how much you appreciate her/his tender and professional skills in the face of increased scrutiny over how they practice medicine.   Read more... 
2014 Leaders Against Pain Action Network Conference is Resounding Success!

Meet Melissa Swanson and read about her LAPAN Conference experience in Salt Lake City, Utah.  
From Wisconsin, Melissa is one of the 30 new members of the NFMCPA Leaders Against Pain Action Network. She is a full-time working, married mom who was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and (in her words) 13 of its evil sidekicks. Melissa created a Facebook Fibromyalgia page, a support group and a blog. She believes that through education, positive affirmation and a great support team she can continue being a Fibro Warrior ~ Living Life.   
Read more about "My Advocate Adventure ~ Part I"  at the October 2014 NFMCPA Leaders Against Pain Training in Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Improve Function Through Effective Pacing
One of the most effective forms of therapy for increasing physical function and improving your quality of life is NOT a pill, and it's NOT an exercise. Have you noticed that when

you are overly active, more pain or fatigue set in? The natural response is to rest. Sometimes it seems like it takes a lot of rest in order to feel "OK" again. People with pain and fatigue tend to feel like they're often behind and can't catch up. And once rested, there's the temptation to be overly active in order to catch-up. 

How do you break thePain and Fatigue Cycle?  
Learn more from the University of Michigan Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Patient Education Program.
CELESTE COOPER, Angel on Earth 
Earth Angels have been described by Karen Elleise as "intuitive, empathic, sensitive and giving often to a fault... They may be nurses, holistic healers, counselors or something similar by nature while also providing this very role in close relationships.  They will be compelled, without quite understanding why, to seek out and draw to them friendships and love relations in need of counsel and healing."  No better words than inspirational and "Angel on Earth" describe our spotlight on inspirational patient, Celeste Cooper, RN.  Melissa Swanson, writer for the NFMCPA,  asked Celeste insightful questions showing us how to take life one step at a time after being diagnosed with FM and co-existing conditions.  Read more...    
The National Pain Strategy is Coming... 
The National Pain Strategy Task Force Working Groups are a result of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) to develop the National Pain Strategy (NPS).  The NPS has been under review by HHS for several months and will soon be released for a 30-day public comment period.  We'll keep you posted on its release with an email alert.  Read more...
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