Brought to you as a collaborative effort of the National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association and the International Myopain Society.  The NFMCPA and IMS are deeply appreciative to the professionals and companies supporting the Treating and Preventing (TAP) Chronic Pain Conference.

In-person conference and live streaming October 8-10, 2015

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2015TAP Team Pic

Speakers and their presentations:

Alphabetically top row, left to right: 

Wolfgang Bauermeister: MD, PhD / Trigger Point Imaging Lecture & Trigger Point Imaging Before & After Treatment Workshop
Mary Biancalana: MS Edu, LMT / Myofascial Pain Self-Management Lecture & Workshop
Jan Favero Chambers: NFMCPA President / Welcome & Speaker Introductions
Elizabeth Christy: Author Why Does Mommy Hurt? / Helping Children Cope with the Challenges of Having a Caregiver with Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia or Autoimmune Disease
Daniel Clauw: MD / Keynote Address
William Collinge: PhD / Mindfulness, CBT and Symptom Reduction Lecture & AwareHealth System: Using Personal Informatics to Reduce Symptoms in FM and Other Chronic Pain Conditions Workshop
James Fricton: DDS / Myofascial Pain & Preventing Chronic Pain Campaign: An Online Educational Program for both HCPs and Patients Workshop

Middle row, left to right:

Rae Gleason: TAP Chronic Pain Conference Director; NFMCPA Medication Education & Research Director; IMS Executive Director
Andrew Holman: MD / PC3 - Cervical Cord Compression, MRI & PT Lecture & Workshop
Kathleen Holton: Ph.D. / Optimizing Exercise and Nutrition to Reduce Chronic Pain Workshop
Sue Horton: PT / Pc3 - Positional Cervical Cord Compression Physical Therapy Program, Including MRI Positioning Information Workshop
Kim Jones: FNP, PhD / Yoga and Mindful Movement Lecture & Optimizing Exercise and Nutrition to Reduce Chronic Pain Workshop
Cory Kingston: DC / FPS: Non-Invasive Rehabilitation Program for People with Fibromyalgia Lecture & Workshop
Barbara Kornblau: JD, OTR / Living and Buying with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Lecture & Reasonable Accommodation: Your Keys to Participating in Your Community - ADA Regulations Workshop

Bottom row, left to right

Rachael Perrin: Professional Makeup Artist / Beauty Care and Liking Who You See in the Mirror Workshop
Frank Rice: PhD. / Small Fiber Neuropathy Lecture
Victor Rosenfeld: MD / Polysomnography with Quantitative EEG in Patients with and without Fibromyalgia Lecture
Michael Sorrell: MD / Myofascial Medicine: Where We Are and Where We Should Go Lecture
Alyssa Worstrel: MBA / Affordable Care Act - Report on Implications of ACA Section 2706, Integrative Medicine
Lynn Webster: MD, Author PainfulTruth/ Alternatives to Opioid Medications Lecture & Friday Night Dinner Speaker