The Honor Wall offers the opportunity to honor a loved one with fibromyalgia or other chronic pain conditions who is dear to your heart or inspiring to you. Everyone has a life story. The NFMCPA gives families and friends the ability to honor and celebrate the life of someone by telling her/his story and displaying their name on the Honor Wall. To place someone you know on the honor wall, please donate here and specify who you are donating in honor of. 

In Honor of...

Arthur W. Stepp
Gwyneth Kaminski
The Nichols Family
Jack and Sherri Wertz
Juliett M. Borges
Marna Parker
Mollie Ellen Zettle Davis
Marge Weitzel
Patricia Elliott
Pam Woodford
Carol Kochheiser
Fran Cronin
Mark & Marci Thurston
Marybeth Crossland
Debbie Knutson
My Mother (by Samantha Logan)
Lauren Parisi (by Karen Madera)
Briana Halpin (by Catherine Mignone)
Jacquelyn Moffitt (by Austin Moffitt)
Amy Tropp (by Anonymous)
St. Louis Fibromyalgia Support Group (by Emily Greer)
Kristal Kent, Cleveland Ohio (by Andre Leblanc, Melissa Mrazek, and Stefania Miker)
Erin Dukes (by Anonymous)
Michelle Horton, Brenda Horan, Terry Ferguson (by Elim Horton)
Lauren Baxter Edquist (by Linda Starr)
Linda Kirkbride (by Debra Bressler)
Barbara Smith (by Lauren Anderson)
Melissa Zimmerman (by Lindsey Zimmerman)
Gerald Heatherington (by Cindy Heatherington)
Leonor Ceron (by Ariel Ceron)
Iris Noonan (by Laura Noonan)
Esther Lang (by Devon Davis)
Denise Howell (by Lori and Ray Kulvin Crawford)
Kristine Lay (by Matt Burrows)
Amy McCallister (by Kyle McCallister)
Denise Howell (by Melissa Crawford)
My sister, Leslie (by Jennifer Leboeuf)
Maria Antonia Montoya Duran (by Sherry Duran)
The Rhodes Family (by Chuck and Carol Szpoa)
Catherine Pillsbury (by Helen Eichmann)
Reddit User imperialsugar (by David Gilbert)
Sandra-Lynn Dolen (by Jennifer Dolen)
Sabrina Numann (by Stephanie Vaughan-Miller)
Ms. Rachel Easterday (by Penelope Smith)
Nancy Laracy (by Michael Laracy)
Lila Johnson
Ben H. Feldman (by Bernard & Meryl Edwards)
Shawna Jesse (by Annirvddha Shendge)
Craig Gordon (by Mom and Dad)
Dawn Almadovar (by Paulette Goldsmith)
Michele Luckenbihl (Dale & Janice Caron)
Migdalia Lopez (by Mariluz Vargas)
Hazel Cockerham (by Remee Cockerham)
Allison Fuglestad (by Marni Peterson)
Christine Cosenza (Drew Cucuzza)
Dana Schallenberg
Dianne and Lenny Glick (by Ellen and Neil Matlins)
Edna Wallace (by Joan Aceves)
Linda Kirkbride (by Debra Bressler)
Alice M. Moody (by Tom Moody)
Dale Ann Meyer (by Sue Lux)
Catherine Pillsbury (by Helen Eichmann)
Denise Howell (by Lori and Ray)
Dianne and Leonard Glick (by Beth Mandler)
Marcia Pipetti (by Ryan Pipetti)
Marie Wilkens (Brad Wilkens)
Sarah A. Haddock (by Terri Haddock)
Deborah Van Etten 
Persephone Powers (by Melissa Walters)
Rose Broyer (by Allison Westerhouse)
501st Legion and the good work they do (by Melissa kennedy)
The Second Life Community (by Michelle McCoy)
 Windea Hartsfield (by Cynthia Palmer)
Iris Noonan (by Laura Noonan)
Justin Dike (Julie Dike)
Kerry Mittelstadt (by Elisabeth Ladwig)
Lara Koppenhoefer (by Ted Koppenhoefer)
LaVerne Allen-Baker (by Tammi Richards)
Louis Gardina (by Scott Arp)
Louis Klebanoff (Elisabeth Ladwig)
Marilee Samples Cox (by Cindy Garret)
Megan Grossman (by Laura Lieberman)
Sabrina Berries and Cream (by Dana Ford)
Mollie Ellen Zettle Davis (by Gregory McBride)
Christi Dortch and Tim Bush (by Marjorie Pomeroy-Wallace)
Agnes Welch
Alix Rossmnan
Daughter of Patrick Cunningham
Vera Christenberry
Countess Ablaze Tits Out Collective
Gwen Reeske
Darlene Cleo Elbrecht
Residents of Second Life
Maria Rivera-Klein
Alliance Advisory Group, Inc