2016 Fibromyalgia Update
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Dear Friend,
You made a difference for more than 100 million Americans affected by life-altering, serious chronic pain through your donation to the National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association (NFMCPA). As the president and founder of this organization, I am committed to keeping you well informed about the NFMCPA's advocacy and programs!
Together we created hope. With your previous support, the NFMCPA tackled crucial access to care barriers and reached new heights in 2016. 
Here are a few of the year's highlights:  

NFMCPA makes demands and creates change!
Together, WE advanced the National Pain Strategy to transform how pain is understood, assessed, treated, researched and prevented. YOUR advocacy and voice made this positive change. Personal stories of living with chronic pain flooded social media during the #ISpeakForPain campaign and led to more than 10,000 signatures on our White House petition to implement the National Pain Strategy. Federal officials, legislators and policy makers needed to know if you are receiving adequate pain management and relief, and YOU responded. I have already hand delivered more than 400 stories to members of Congress.

NFMCPA educates!  

NFMCPA sent out more than 8,000 free informational fibromyalgia brochures; published news and advocacy updates on our website and in our e-newsletter The Advocate Voice; and provided new policy and advocacy tools on yourvoicematters.info.
We also sponsored an "Ask the Expert" webinar and were positively overwhelmed by your great response. More than 650 people registered and submitted over 400 questions for our experts!  We will continue to provide unbiased quality education for people with pain, health care providers, and caregivers in 2017.
NFMCPA listens to you!  
In one of its many outreaches to the community, NFMCPA surveyed members nationally asking which messages to take to Congress:
  • 36% want to mandate by legislation that a new National Institute of Pain be created so funding for pain is not spread out over 27 National Institutes and Centers.
  • 35% want pain researched as a disease by itself instead of as a component of some other condition (i.e., diabetes or cancer) with increased research funding.
  • 29% want to increase funding for individual chronic pain illnesses.

Survey results will guide our 2017 advocacy efforts on Capitol Hill to create better care for people with pain.

NFMCPA provides support and hope! 
Our education and support groups directory for those living with chronic pain conditions and caregivers is free. In 2016, NFMCPA partnered with Sharecare and Inspire to provide free online communities for YOU to find peer-to-peer support in a safe environment with others experiencing your diagnosis, treatments and outcomes; to find a doctor; and to be empowered.
NFMCPA raises awareness!
The impact of your donations helped us launch fundraising and friendraising through Together Walks across the United States in 2016. More than 700 live supporters and thousands online joined the inaugural Together Walks in May 2016 to raise awareness and funds for pilot research funding for integrative treatments for fibromyalgia! Inspired and energized with the success of the 2016 Together Walks, we geared up to sponsor nine live Together Walks in 2017.  
NFMCPA also supported more than 40 other May 12th Fibromyalgia Awareness Day events in 24 different states this year, as well as several online initiatives. Together, we made fibromyalgia visible and united the chronic pain community!
NFMCPA advocates! 
The NFMCPA's Leaders Against Pain Action Network of volunteer advocates continues to grow in numbers and influence. Thanks to you, we are ever stronger and louder at the local, state and federal levels! Watch for the 2017 major launch of the Allies Against Pain program in local communities. 
NFMCPA is proud of the 2016 accomplishments made possible with your help! 
As a valued member of the NFMCPA community, you made a difference for all affected by life-altering, serious chronic pain. You are key to our success, and we value your continued support.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season.
Jan Chambers
President and Founder
National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association

P.S. Please watch your email inbox for a 4-question survey about your experience with chronic pain diseases and fibromyalgia so we can better serve you in 2017! 

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