Dear Friend,
The NFMCPA wants to know your concerns and to provide the most relevant and useful support possible in 2017. Will you please take this 4-question survey about your experience with fibromyalgia so we can better serve you?
Your voice matters, and your pain is real. We get that, and we want the world to get it.Last year, NFMCPA surveyed members nationally asking which messages to take to Congress:
  • 36% want to mandate by legislation that a new National Institute of Pain be created so funding for pain is not spread out over 27 National Institutes and Centers
  • 35% want pain researched as a disease by itself instead of as a component of some other condition (i.e., diabetes, cancer) with increased research funding
  • 29% want to increase funding for individual chronic pain illnesses.
Results of this survey guide our 2017 advocacy efforts on Capitol Hill to create better care for people with pain.

Click here to take the survey!

You are making a difference and making fibromyalgia visible. Thank you for giving hope to millions of American men, women, and children affected by this disease.
-The National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association

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