Sharecare Set to Kick Off New Health Advocate Initiative for Chronic Pain Management

SharecareNFMCPA and Sharecare are partners in helping to offer sound, professional advice for people with fibromyalgia and other chronic pain conditions.

Launching in late September 2015, Sharecare's new “Health Advocate” initiative has a medical professional serving as host, guide, and leading voice for users who follow specific topic pages.  By pointing Sharecare users to relevant content, answering basic navigation questions and posting weekly blogs, medical Health Advocates will help create a personalized user connection, develop a vibrant, engaging experience and provide support that can help people live healthier lives.

Sharecare chose chronic pain management as a three-month pilot program to base future development of other Sharecare health topics.  The NFMCPA serves as the expert fibromyalgia and chronic pain management partner for Sharecare and supplies some of the helpful information found on the Sharecare Chronic Pain Management site. If you haven’t joined Sharecare – please do so.  It's free.  Then visit the NFMCPA Sharecare pages at

Click here to visit the Sharecare Chronic Pain Management pages and watch for more information about the Sharecare’s Health Advocate launch.

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