“Tom,” as many of us knew him, once had a thriving career in sales before he was struck down with what is known by many as chronic fatigue syndrome and chronic Lyme’s disease. However, Tom never stopped his tireless advocacy for those suffering from invisible illnesses that cause disability and hardship. So it is only fitting that we give tribute to a great advocate. Tom was a go getter, a blunt speaker, but proficient. He used his voice, time and talent to raise awareness even though he suffered and struggled like so many of his peers in the world of chronic illness. He fought for recognition of chronic immunological and neurological diseases including, myalgic encephalomyelitis/CFS, fibromyalgia, multiple chemical sensitivity, Lyme’s disease, Gulf War Syndrome and other overlapping disorders he felt deserved awareness. Tom was not only proficient, he was highly intelligent, and never missed a beat. Some might call him crass, but all would agree he was effective. He chose his battles well and used his disdain for the way people were treated. He used his anger regarding the ignorance and complacency of many as fuel for his mind, even when his body was failing him. When he could, he…


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