ngratulations to Peter Waite, Founder of Living Well

Running a 5K Race? Impossible! Not for Him!

Peter Waite of Salt Lake City, Utah never expected to run a 5K race. In fact, he never expected to run again in his life, period. Having battled chronic illness for 17 years and suffering a serious leg injury 10 years ago, running wasn't even on his mental radar. Over the years just walking had been difficult for him. So you can understand how unimaginable it was for Peter to believe that he could ever be fit enough to run 3.11 miles. But he was, and he did.

The story of how Peter came to run his first 5K is a miracle of modern medicine and physical and mental determination. He calls it a miracle because there's really no other word he has found to describe it. Four months ago he couldn't even walk a city block without it wiping him out for days. Peter has fibromyalgia and all of the symptoms that come along with it including endless fatigue and body-wide chronic pain. So when his doctor suggested trying a new medication he was at first skeptical, but after just a few days of taking it, his life started to fall into place.  At first, because of so much time going by, it was difficult to even start a walking program, but through perseverance and determination he slowly became stronger, walked farther, and eventually was able to jog. 

His inspirational story serves as an example of getting help through medical treatment along with a desire to help himself are the first steps in self-managing fibromyalgia and chronic pain symptoms.  Peter’s attitude, actions and accomplishments offer hope to others living with these conditions.  Congratulations, Peter, for overcoming great adversity and giving inspiration to others. 

Look for Peter on the NFMCPA Inspirational Role of Honor and watch for more about his remarkable story in the next issue of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain LIFE, due out later this month.