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Painful Truth book cover by Lynn WebsterIn an interview with NFMCPA President Jan Chambers, Dr. Lynn Webster said, "The book Painful Truth introduces nine former patients of mine, illustrating their unique situations as their lives were suddenly torn apart by daily chronic pain.

My goal is to help readers understand the uncomfortable realities faced by people in pain. The goal is to ensure that treatment of chronic pain is seen as a human right, and that an array of treatment options are available to readers on that inevitable day when that they, too, will seek relief from humankind’s primal enemy: pain."

Chambers endorses this book for several reasons, chiefly the clarity about how quickly a life can change when chronic pain occurs and by speaking frankly from a physician's perspective about treating patients with chronic pain.

Change Through the Painful Truth:  A Book and TV Documentaryby Lynn Webster, MD

Chronic pain plagues 1 in 3 Americans and has more than a $600 billion drain on the economy. It’s become the healthcare crisis no one can, or wants to, talk about. Having treated many patients with chronic pain – often when they were at their most vulnerable – I continue to believe there is hope. Ultimately, it will require more research, better therapies, and improved policies. But it begins simply with showing everyone the humanity and urgency we give to a child in pain.

Toward that end, I created a book,  The Painful Truth, September 2015, and a television documentary (also titled "The Painful Truth") which will air on PBS between four and six weeks later).

The Painful Truth is a deeply intimate collection of stories about people living with disabling pain, their attempts to heal, and the challenges that we collectively face to help them survive and, ultimately, live meaningful lives. As a physician who has treated people with chronic pain for more than 30 years, I reveal in the book the difficulties that patients face dealing with chronic pain in a society which is often shamelessly prejudiced against those who are in most need of compassion and empathy. I share how those biases also affect those who treat patients with chronic pain.

My television documentary is a companion to the book. Through interviews with people in pain, I will share the realities of chronic pain visually and poignantly with viewers who, ultimately, can make a difference. The show will document the intimate, personal, and profound impact that pain has on patients' lives. My hope is to engage readers and viewers emotionally, and motivate them to be part of a grassroots movement for change.

Dr. Lynn R. Webster, MD, is the immediate past president of the American Academy of Pain Medicine, Vice President of Scientific Affairs at PRA Health Sciences, and author of a forthcoming book, The Painful Truth, and producer of a PBS TV documentary by the same name. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. He lives in Salt Lake City.


To learn more, please go to http://www.lynnwebstermd.com/book-and-reviews